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UnderCover Hard Tonneau Cover


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Undercover™ is the new standard in tonneau covers. Our Patented X-effect™ design and advanced polymers give this tonneau cover unparalleled strength and durability at a fraction of the weight and less cost than fiberglass.


™ is the new standard in tonneau covers. Their patented design and advanced polymers give this tonneau cover unmatched strength and durability at a fraction of the weight and cost of fiberglass. No fiberglass or soft cover meets Under cover'ssuperior durability.
Undercover Bed Cover EASY ON - EASY OFF:
Undercover™ is the Fastest and Easiest! Quick release hardware and lightweight material allow for easy removal and storage in seconds. Wall mount hardware is included with every cover to keep your garage clutter free and your Under cover™ tonneau protected.

Undercover Bed Cover SUPERIOR DESIGN:
New concealed clamp installation - unique technology, standard on all Undercover™ models means No Measuring and No Drilling - no margin for error! Truck owners everywhere can achieve professional results with this concealed clamp hardware, and enjoy the benefits of the low profile and tight custom fit of Under cover™.
Undercover Bed Cover WEATHER - TITE:
The unique Undercover™ design with a multi-point seal, provides superior protection against all elements of weather. Custom Fitted for Custom Protection.
Exceptional Strength and Security! Today's truck has become the primary family vehicle and security is now more important than ever. With Dual Stainless Steel Locks and an Over-the-Tailgate Design, Undercover™ provides the highest possible level of security.

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Check out Tool Box Buddy by Undercover can now lockup everything in your truck bed that won't fit in your Tool Box.
Lockable Storable Weather-Tite Easy Install

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Vehicles equipped with the Utili-Track system have two options:

A - To retain the optional Utili-Track system, must order adaptor kit Part #RSPT1360lK
B - To use brackets supplied with the 5010, the Utili-Track system must be removed

This Cover usually ships by freight truck only. Customer must be home or at business to accept delivery

UnderCover Features Undercover ™ Fiberglass Lid Soft Lid
Lightweight 58 lbs. for
Full Size Truck
and Impact Resistance
Standard No Drill Concealed
Clamp Installation System
Easy On/Easy Off
Design for Your Truck
Garage Wall
Storage System
Heavy Duty Steel
Powder Coated
Frame Rails
YES ? ?
Sleek Styled Contour
Custom Fit
For Each Truck
YES ? ?
Hydraulically Actuated
Struts for Ease of
Opening and Closing
Dual Lock Point
Wrap-Over Tailgate
Locking Design
Paintable YES YES NO
Weather-Tite YES ? NO
Environmentally Friendly
Easily Recycled
? = Sometimes
Part # UnderCover Choices/Description
CHEVY Undercover
1050 2004-06 CHEVY Colorado Standard Cab Short Bed
1050 04-07 CHEVY Colorado Any Cab 5 ft-11 in Bed
1040 04-07 CHEVY Colorado 4 Full Doors 5 ft Bed
1020 1994-06 CHEVY S10 Standard Cab Short Bed
1020 1994-06 CHEVY S10 Extended Cab Short Bed
1070 07-07 CHEVY Silverado Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed
1010 99-07 CHEVY Silverado Any Cab 6 ft-5 in Bed Classic Body Style
1010 1999-06 CHEVY Silverado Extended Cab Short Bed 6.5 ft
1010 1999-06 CHEVY Silverado Quad Cab Short Bed 6.5 ft
1060 2007 Chevy Silverado crew cab 5ft 8in bed new body style
1030 04-07 CHEVY Silverado 4 Full Doors 5 ft-8 in Bed Classic
1050 04-07 GMC Canyon Any Cab 5ft-11in Bed
1050 04-07 GMC Canyon Any Cab 5ft-11in Bed
1040 04-07 GMC Canyon 4 Full Doors 5ft Bed
1010 1999-06 GMC Sierra Standard Cab Short Bed 6.5 ft
1010 1999-06 GMC Sierra Extended Cab Short Bed 6.5 ft
1010 1999-06 GMC Sierra Quad Cab Short Bed 6.5 ft
1030 04-07 GMC Sierra 4 Full Doors 5 ft-8 in Bed classic
1020 1994-06 GMC Sonoma Standard Cab Short Cab
1020 1994-06 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab Short Bed
3020 06-07 DODGE Ram Mega Cab 6ft-4in Bed
3020 03-07 DODGE Ram 1500/2500/35000 Any Cab 6ft-4in Bed
3010 94-01 DODGE Ram Any Cab 6ft-4in Bed
3050 05-07 DODGE Dakota 4 Full Doors 5ft-5in Bed
3030 00-04 DODGE Dakota 4 Full Doors 5ft-3in Bed
3040 97-04 DODGE Dakota Any Cab 6ft-6in Bed
3060 05-07 DODGE Dakota Any Cab 6 ft-6 in Bed
2110 07-07 FORD Explorer Sport Track
2050 01-05 FORD Explorer Sport Trac 4 Full Doors 4ft-2in Bed
2040 93-07 FORD Ranger 6ft Bed
2010 04-04 FORD F150 Heritage 2 Door 6ft-5in Bed
2010 04-04 FORD F150 Heritage 2 Full/2 Half Doors
2030 04-04 FORD F150 Heritage 4 Full Doors 5ft-6in Bed
2060 04-04 FORD F150 Heritage Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed StepsSide/FlareSide
2060 04-04 FORD F150 Heritage Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed StepsSide/FlareSide
2070 04-07 FORD F150 Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed
2010 97-03 FORD F150 Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed
2070 04-07 FORD F150 Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed
2010 97-03 FORD F150 Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed
2070 2004-2006 Ford F-150 Super crew 6.5 ft bed
2080 04-07 FORD F150 4 Full Doors 5ft-5in Bed
2030 2000-04 FORD F150 Super Crew /Quad Cab Short Bed
2090 04-07 FORD F150 Any Cab 6ft-5in Bed StepsSide/FlareSide
2060 97-03 FORD F150 Any Cab 6 ft-5 in Bed StepsSide/FlareSide
2060 97-03 FORD F150 Any Cab 6 ft-5 in Bed StepsSide/FlareSide
2020 1999-06 FORD F250 / 350 Super Duty Standard Cab Short Bed
2020 1999-06 FORD F250 / 350 Super Duty Crew Cab Short Bed
2020 1999-06 FORD F250 / 350 Super Duty Extended Cab Short Bed
2080 05-07 LINCOLN Mark LT 4 Full Doors 5ft-6in Bed
6010 1994-97 MAZDA B2300 Standard/ Extended Cab Short Bed
5030 2004-2007 Nissan Titan Ext Cab short bed
5030-TRACK 2004-2007 Nissan Titan Ext Cab short bed with track system
5010 04-07 NISSAN Titan 4 Full Doors 5ft-7in Bed
5010-TRACK 04-07 NISSAN Titan 4 Full Doors 5ft-7in Bed with utilli track
5020 05-07 NISSAN Frontier 4 Full Doors 5ft Bed
4010 2000-06 TOYOTA Tundra Standard Cab 6ft 2 in bed(with bed rails)
4010 2000-06 TOYOTA Tundra Ext Cab 6ft 2 in bed( with bed rails )
4040 04-06 TOYOTA Tundra 4 Full Doors 6ft-2in Bed
4060 2005-07 TOYOTA Tacoma Any Cab 6 ft 2in Bed
4050 2005-07 TOYOTA Tacoma Any Cab 5 ft Bed
4030 01-04 TOYOTA Tacoma 4 Full Doors 5ft Bed
4020 1995 1/2 -04 TOYOTA Tacoma Standard/Extended Cab Short Bed

1). Q: What is the UnderCover made from?

A. UnderCover Tonneau is made from a very selected composite of ABS plastics and polymers. Unlike other plastics aftermarket accessories, the UnderCover is constructed to prevent warping from direct sunlight. At only 58lbs, the UnderCover is also the strongest Tonneau cover on the market.

2). Q: How does your product compare to Fiberglass?

A: You can find a complete list of comparisons under Features then just click comparisons. There are two very important points that make Undercover far superior to a Fiberglass cover. First, is its light weight, which makes UnderCover very easy to remove and install. With our no-drilling hardware on and off is a breeze. Second, is all of our covers come with wall mount hardware. Once you do take our cover off you can easily store it by hanging the cover in your garage. This is a feature that no Fiber Glass product can offer.

3.) Q: How easy is it to take the cover off?
A: It takes approximately 1-2 minutes to take the cover off and store with wall mount hardware (included) on your garage wall. It is a 2 step process, first release the 2 struts and clip on side clips attached to the inside of the cover. Then, remove the 2 rings located at the front of the cover. Then simply lift the cover off and hang on the wall. In many cases one person can remove the cover with very little effort. Please see clip below

Strut Removal Pictures

4). Q: Does your product warp or have problems?
A: All composite materials expand and contract as a result of temperature changes. Our cover have been designed to keep this to a bare minimum, almost unnoticeable. We have not had nor do we anticipate any problems.

5). Q: How does your product hold up to extreme climates?
A: We have been selling UnderCover for 5 years now. Our product is sold in Canada, Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Michigan and many other markets where the weather can be both extremely cold and hot. Because of our Patented Design, the UnderCover is very capable of handling these temperatures without any warp or damage. UnderCover is one of the most widely distributed Tonneau Covers in the Wholesale industry. This would only be true if the quality and workmanship satisfied their customer base and returns related to extreme temperatures were not a factor.

6). Q: Will you be offering a"painted to match" product?
A: No. All our covers are black, textured polymer.

7). Q: Can your product be painted?
A: Yes, it can be painted but the fact that it is textured will have some effect on color.

1). Solid colors will provide excellent results.
2). Metallic colors may result in metallic color flakes settling in the textures and resulting in a slightly different color than that of your truck.

8). Q: Is there any special care or maintenance required?
A: No, just dust with a soft rag, wash with a mild cleaner. Do not use any waxes, only cleaners that are safe for plastics . The finish on our product has been tested to simulate five (5) years in the Arizona Desert with a gloss loss of only 3% over that period with just monthly care.

9). Q: Can I add accessories (i.e. spoiler, bike rack, rail bars, etc.) to your product?

A: Yes, however, any additions/modifications will void the warranty. If you do decide to add to your cover call our factory for advice as to where to drill and what size holes will be required for specific size fasteners.

10). Q: How is your product attached to my truck?

A: With brackets that have been designed to be totally non-intrusive to the truck. No holes to drill.The entire installation is a breeze and the whole process takes about 15 minutes and requires only 1/2" (brackets) & 3/8" (lock strikers) socket or open end wrenches. The bracket alignment is simple and requires no measuring.

11). Q: What problems may I encounter in the installation?
A:None, however, if you have an over-the-rail bedliner it will have to be trimmed wherever the mounting brackets go. If you decide to trim off the length of the sides you do not have to trim off the part that goes over the front bulkhead.

12). Q: What type of security does your product provide for my cargo?

A: Our locking is comprised of a "wrap over tailgate" design, which locks the tailgate whenever the cover is down and locked. Dual locks are stainless steel and require no adjustments or maintenance other that periodic lubrication. There are no cables or rods that require adjustments. This assures reliable functionality in even the most rigorous situations.

13). Q: Is your product waterproof?

A: Not waterproof, but water-tite.To insure cargo protection from outside elements,a double seal perimeter gasket is installed all around with the front part having a flap that extends between the front bulkhead and the truck cab. This flap provides additional protection when opening the cover when water is on it and also while you are traveling in in climate weather.

14). Q: What makes your product different?
A: All tooling and molds are digitally designed and CNC cut to insure the best fit and finish of any product on the market today.

15). Q: Where do I go if a problem comes up with my Cover?
A: First, always go to the dealer where you purchased it. If that's not possible call the factory (1-866-900-8800) or e-mail (undercoverinfo.com). Give us as much info as possible so we can react faster to your request. Provide us with your name, phone number, address,and serial number of your cover and a brief description of situation.

16). Q: If I order the product from an on-line dealer, how does it come boxed to protect it from damage?

A: All of our covers are specially package with extra duty corrugation. We also wrap all 4 sides with banding tape in order to hold the inter-packaging in tact. If you order your cover on line, you should inspect the outer carton for obvious shipping damage. If you are uncertain that the product has arrived without internal damage, you should refuse the order when it is delivered. If you feel the outer carton is just slightly damaged, make note of this on the freight bill. You should then confirm that the part shipped is the part you ordered. Do not open the box until you have confirmed this . If you open the box and then discover that it is not the right product you ordered, you could be responsible for the freight cost back to the warehouse. Once you have confirmed this is the right product, you should open the box as soon as possible to confirm that there is no concealed damage. If there is, report it immediately to your internet provider.

17). Q: How is the cover packaged inside the box, to protect it from damage?

A: Just as we do with the outer carton, we use the very best Styrofoam blocks to rest the cover on. Every corner is protected along with all sharp objects. We also use a high grade of bubble wrap to keep the box from rubbing the cover. All of your parts are wrapped together and located underneath the cover. The parts are carefully taped into place.

18). Q: How hard is it to get the props (struts) off of the side rails?
A: As you can see in the picture, there is a small C shaped ring. This ring is released by using a small head screw driver to just slightly lift it away from the prop. DO NOT COMPLETELY REMOVE IT. It is designed to just slide forward about ¼ inch. Then push the prop out away from the truck, remove the screw driver and allow the ring to pop back into place. You do not have to remove the top ring, there is a clamp on the side of the cover that will hold the prop in place while you move the cover.

19). Q: Where is the Serial Number located?

A: If you are standing at the back of your truck, lift the cover up and at left hand side you will see a silver plate with 5 digits. This is your serial number and will be required anytime you have part or warranty issues.

20). Q: What are the lock covers for?

A: The lock covers are there to protect the locks from dirt and grime that could build up. Also, during winter months, the caps protect the locks from snow and ice and. Lock covers are easily replaced. If you ever have damage issues you should contact us for replacement parts.

21). Q: When installing the front brackets, how far forward should I go?

A: This is a very important point for proper installation of your UnderCover. As you can see in the picture, you should only go forward enough for the tongue part of the bracket to hang over the bed rail. NEVER place the bracket up against the truck cab. This can cause serious damage is not part of our warranty. Once you place the stainless steel ring on the bracket it should not be pinched against the truck cab. It is alright if it taps it, but not pressed against it. Be sure and consult your installation guide carefully for proper alignment.

22). Q: Which way should the props (struts) be facing once they are put on?

A: As shown in the picture, the cylinder end should be up and attached to the cover. This allows for the fluids to work properly. Also, you will be able to attach the prop(strut) to the clip when ever you want to remove your

Customer Testimonials

Richard Wessel
I had spent a lot of time researching just about every tonneau cover out there. When you consider Appearance, Durability, Ease of installation and removal, and No water leaking in there is no other choice.

Aaron Thomas
I got my undercover about a month ago and I love it. It is so easy to take on and off. I couldn't be happier with it.

Robert Hill
I've wait a long time for the F150 Flareside to be available. The wait was well worth it. It is a perfect fit! Nothing else on the market comes close. Thanks for the great support over the last year or so. I couldn't ask for more!

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