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Truck Bed Covers

The Best Truck Bed covers at the Best Prices. Truck Bed Covers have become very popular these days, and for many reasons. Truck Truck Bed Covers give you the option of having the extra storage space your truck provides, while maintaining a clean looking, sharp truck

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Hard Top Truck Bed Covers

Starting at $589.99

Hard Truck Bed Covers offer the best in secure bed coverage, smooth looks and complete durability.


Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Covers

Starting at $173.99

Soft roll-up Truck Bed Covers feature the most convenient bed coverage. And are the easiest Truck Bed Covers to install.

Folding Truck Bed Covers

Starting at $335.95

Folding Truck Bed Covers offer the best : fast bed access, easy installation, and the affordability for a Truck Bed Cover.


Hinged Truck Bed Covers

Starting at $298.99

Hinged Truck Bed Covers turn your truck bed into a fully-functional trunk. These Truck Bed Covers mount fast and latch in an instant and are light to lift..


Retractable Truck Bed Covers

Starting at $698.99

Retractable Truck Bed Covers are like a rugged garage door for your truck bed. They’re the most high-tech of the Truck Bed Covers.

Tool Box Truck Bed Covers

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Tool box Truck Bed Covers secure whatever you need to carry to do the job.

Tonneau Accessories

$19.95 - $139.95

Get the most out of your cover with tonneau accessories. From locks to seals, Bed Caps - check out what we can do for you

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Why buy a Truck bed cover?

Truck Bed CoverS SAVE GAS
A Truck bed cover for your truck's bed channels air over the bed preventing drag and increasing performance and MPG. An independent study sponsored by Ford Motor Company suggests that a cover can increase MPG by as much as 10%. Your truck bed is a magnet for air as you travel down the road. That air creates a drag on your tailgate that can significantly reduce your performance.

Many tonneaus for trucks are lockable and provide security for your cargo. This is true for some soft covers including roll-up covers and lift covers. In addition to security, a cover can keep the contents of your bed dry even in a down poor.


Truck Bed Covers have become very popular these days, and for many reasons. Truck Truck bed covers give you the option of having the extra storage space your truck provides, while maintaining a clean looking, sharp truck. In addition, Truck bed covers have actually been proven to increase gas mileage while protecting your possessions from the elements and theft. These features have made them among the most popular automotive products available today.

There are now hundreds of available Truck bed covers for all kinds of trucks. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right Truck bed cover for your truck. When this situation arises, I normally recommend that a customer look at the different categories of Truck bed covers available, and make a decision based on which category of Truck bed cover will best fit their needs. I would also recommend the buyer goes to a store and "look and touch" the Truck bed covers on the market.

Over the last 10 years we have sold just about every Truck bed cover brand available. Thru trial and error we have come down to top brands to sell. These brands are seen on our website and they all come with easy installation, great prices and good manufacturer support if problems arise.

There are basically seven categories of Truck bed covers, ranging in price, ease of use and installation, protection capability and durability. These categories are soft folding tonneaus, hard top tonneaus, soft roll up tonneaus, hinged tonneaus, retractable or roll top tonneaus, tool box tonneaus, and cross bow tonneaus. If there is a Truck bed cover you are looking for, please call us - because we sell it!

Soft Folding Truck bed covers

Soft folding Truck bed covers are the newest on the market and are quickly becoming very popular. Most folding tonneaus come with a tri-fold system which is light and easy to use. The Extang trifecta has a 10 year warranty of the cover and has 45° steel corner brackets that provide unparalleled strength. Extang’s commercial grade rails and I-beam Monster Bows™ are secured with multiple reinforcements using zinc dichromate, aluminum braces. Together they offer the strongest, professional quality tonneau that Extang Engineering is known for. Torza top soft folding Truck bed cover was one of the first on the market. Torza has a 6 year cover on vinyl, limited lifetime on components. Applications available for the most popular domestic and import pickup models. You won't believe how easy the NEW Torza Cover is to install and use. It comes completely assembled, so installation takes less than two minutes.

Hard Top Truck bed covers
Hard top tonneaus are secure and durable. They include a strong yet lightweight and flexible automotive grade vinyl top mounted into a rigid aluminum frame. This set up creates extra security while resisting scratching, chipping and fading. In addition, hard top tonneaus offer great accessibility, as they do not interfere with the tailgate so you can load small packages or equipment without opening the tonneau. Customer favorites include the Fold A Cover Truck bed cover, which Tri folds and can easily be removed from your truck.

Soft Roll Up Truck bed covers
Soft roll up tonneaus offer the protection of a hard top tonneau with the versatility of the old-school soft variety of tonneau. Soft Truck bed covers are made of a durable yet flexible tarp fabric designed for ease of installation and low weight requirements. Customer favorites include the Extang Tuff Tonno III, which offers the world’s strongest tarp attachment and special “peel and seal” edging.

Hinged Truck bed covers
Hinged Truck bed covers offer an unchallenged ease of access to your truck bed space with minimal effort. They lift easily upward at an angle to allow you to quickly and easily access your truck bed. Hinged tonneaus include heavy-duty vinyl covers and tubular supports for one hand lifting. Hinged Truck bed covers can come with Soft vinyl cover or hard ABS material. Downy lift top cover is very popular and competively priced. Customer favorites include the Undercover Truck bed cover , with its easily installed VersaCover and strong patented GELOYTM plastic compound cover. Undercover and Armor Lid are great choices for a hard top hinged tonneau. These lids are strong ABS material which is very light. The covers are lift top for easy access to your truck bed or can be completely removed and hung on a wall in your garage.

Retractable Roll-Top Truck bed covers
Retractable roll-top tonneaus are great for those who want the hard cover type of tonneau, without the hassle of having to lift the top. Roll-top tonneaus feature a durable canister that mounts at the front of the truck bed allowing the Truck bed cover to easily retract into it. Customer favorites include the Roll-N-Lock Tonneau, with its unique one piece clamp-on track system and integral bed rail gasket, the Bak RollBak Truck bed cover, which lines the rails with ultra high density polyurethane for smooth gliding, and the Pace Edwards Roll-Top Truck bed cover, which includes a convenient easy-to-install top. Retrax is another great retractable roll top tonneau. Retrax is a unique retractable pickup truck bed Truck bed cover is unique because it is manufactured from polycarbonate, a durable thermoplastic commonly known as LEXAN®

Tool Box Truck bed covers
Tool box Truck bed covers are specially designed to fit your truck with your toolbox installed. These tonneaus are a favorite among customers whose trucks are used as both street and work vehicles. Tool box tonneaus feature roll out bars, bows and cover to allow easy access to your tools. Customer favorites include the Extang Toolbox Tonno Cover, with its easy pull to disengage your tail rail for bulk hauling, and the Access Tool Box Edition Truck bed cover, with protection capabilities perfect for contractors, construction, farms and other commercial uses.

Cross-Bow Truck bed covers
Cross-Bow style Truck bed covers create the older look of original Truck bed covers with the support and durability of the new class. These tonneaus have bows that run down the bed to support the cover and retain that classic tonneau look. In addition, classic Truck bed covers are perfect for the price-conscious customer.

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